Wednesday, November 14, 2012

5 pounds down in one day?

I think I'm still getting used to the old scale on the new tile floor?  Today I weighed 260.  Meaning that today I only have 10 pounds to lose to reach goal by New Year's.  Totally doable.  Heck, Dec 7 seems pretty possible.  I could lose it and gain it back by New Year's!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First weigh-in since the move

First weigh-in since the move - 265.  I really thought it would be worse.  I was really pigging out, like worse than ever.  Menstrual issues and stress from the move and stress from my job and being separated from my normal surroundings where everything is where it's supposed to be, etc...  I still don't have everything put away - by a long shot!  Ugh.  Putting away my clothes and just opened up the box of too-small-for-me clothes that was one of the first things I packed.  And then I went to the scale to survey the damage.

If I had weighed myself two days ago it might have been worse.  But I did start to pull myself together a couple days ago and yesterday I went to the grocery store and made my meals from the meal plans.  Went to the gym two days ago and stepped on the elliptical for the first time in a while - did a *very* easy first workout back.  Did 6 hours of light exercise at work yesterday - lifting, bending, carrying...  heart rate was up, cheeks flushed.

So today I'm at 265.  I don't guess I'll be making my Dec 7 goal after all.  I could aim for 250 by New Year's Day.  That's a pretty volatile time for a weight-loss goal!  But I don't party as hard as I used to!  :-)  Then, just looking ahead, if I budgeted for 2 pounds per week until 220, and 1 pound per week after that...

I'd get to 220 on April 16.
And I'd get to 200 on September 3.  That's a long journey.
Maybe I could get to 199 before I turn 40 on September 5.

Actually I'd rather see 199 much earlier than that, but more than that I'd rather see 220 and never see 250 again!

So... current weight loss goal is 250 by New Year's Day and my current exercise goal is to get to the gym 3-5 days per week as work allows.  That's a pretty crummy exercise goal - it needs tweaking.  But it'll do for the moment.