Saturday, March 1, 2014

trying to get back into it - again

It's been a few months.  I continued my daily habit of going to the gym and was really feeling the benefits.  I had to stop to go to work for a week or two, and then I got sick thought exercising would be a bad idea, and that lasted 3 weeks.  After over a month of sedentariness, it's past time to get back to it!  I walked yesterday and felt those crazy tingles in my thighs afterwards, telling me it'd been too long.

I'm going through old pictures - not that old - 2009 - when I lost weight that time - and went hiking and stuff.  My life is so different now - crippled by financial burden and fat again and watching lots of TV series and living with my parents and feeling like this is where I stop.

I took the time and effort to commit to rejoining ediets, which is cheaper now at $10 per month, a downright manageable rate and very sensible compared to the $18 I was paying.  However, I was disappointed.  They've changed.  I didn't like the new look, it didn't seem as convenient to me.  So, I'm back to my box of the old ediets recipes and meal plans.  Wish me luck, I've got to overcome the obstacles of the time it takes to manage the paperwork of it (hopefully not much, and I'm getting an idea about getting those typed up into usable formats, slowly but surely) and beyond that, the challenge of doing it while living with my family.  Much to negotiate.  By the way, I have hit the old high weight of 285, and even a bit above sometimes.  It's almost like I never lost the weight at all, except I have all those photos I've been going through, and piles of clothes I can't fit into.

At this weight, it is about attractiveness almost as much as it is about my knees.  But, oh yeah, my knees are pretty important.

So - guess I'll write up my grocery list and get my gym workout for the day done.

I can't decide which crisis is in need of worse attention - my health crisis or my financial crisis.  Because I think I'm going to put a couple weeks' attention into this health thing, without going back to work right now.  But I'm not decided on that.  I've got to find a few thousand dollars for taxes and health insurance payments in the next few weeks.