Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7, 237

I think the lifting weights is helping this week. I manages to get in three full-body weightlifting sessions and followed up with cardio two of those times. Today I skipped the cardio because I need to go celebrate my Mom's bday. Next week I can do cardio in 20 minute increments, but I didn't think I'd be able to get my weightlifting in on my lunch break or dinner break, and I wanted to go ahead and get that muscle build-up started.

There has also been a grand reduction in my uncontrollable cravings. I have had Subway cookies with lunch yesterday, but overall my tendency to swerve into the fast lane has been greatly reduced. No chocolate, no candy. Yesterday when I got coffee I got popcorn as a snack - I have a new particular fondness for popcorn and have been popping it lately (in oil in the fry pan - I don't have an air popper - but my parents have one they never use.......) Anyway, I considered it a moderate choice over the cakes and pastries I would usually prefer to have chosen, and was considering, when I thought - "Meh, I don't really want that all that much, just a little something to tide me over, how many calories are in that popcorn?" It was 150.

So - I don't know why. I haven't started the diet yet, and now I'm wondering if I need to... Probably should. Could be the effect of warmer temperatures having set in, or the angle of the sun to the earth? Who knows. I still feel like I can't catch up on my task list, day in and day out. Silly things. Silly things like shopping for clothes.

So I went and did my clothes shopping last night. I was looking for work pants (preferrably cargo pants, and preferrably full-length so as to protect my shins from scrapes and bruises at work) and jeans for work and for Looking Hot. It was a bit of a nightmare, really, especially when you consider the prices. I found a pair of jeans at Lane Bryant that were not talls but seemed long enough, and if I trim the boot-cut into a straight-leg or taper, it might not matter if they do shrink up a little in the wash. I bought them because I loved what they did from waist to knee. They actually button up above my belly button, allowing me to control that unsightly pouch that burdens my shape. This is absolutely unheard of. But I came home and read reviews that say that within an hour's wear they will be FALLING OFF MY BODY they will stretch so much. I wore them about an hour last night, there was a little stretch but it's hard to imagine that waist panel coming loose.

I also got some capri jeans from Lane Bryant - they looked okay even though capris often make me feel like I look dorky, but at least the length doesn't matter so much - and some skinny jeans (also not talls, but again, doesn't matter as much with skinnies) from Old Navy.

I also got some sundresses from Ross, which is cool because I used to despair as a teen that I was too fat to wear a sundress, and now, I'm still fat, but at least they made some sundresses in my size - although in some cases it feels like they didn't account for large bosoms. I may just have to decide not to care about showing off that much of my arms, shoulders, back and cleavage. All in all, if I'm not trying to convince the world that I'm not fat, the dress is pretty flattering.

I have to go - Mom's waiting.


sara said...

congrats on getting back on track... i used to read your blog when i was blogging a year and a half ago and it's awesome to see you're still well BELOW 250. i just recommitted at over 350 and starting again- please stop by and say hi!

safire said...

I love shopping and finding out I'm a smaller size! Hope you had a great Saturday and enjoy your Sunday!

MaryFran said...

Yay on clothes shopping!!! Sounds like you had a productive day!

BUT YAY for tighting the belt on the uncontrollable cravings!!!