Monday, November 18, 2013

Exercise is good, not eating enough.

Well, things are going pretty well.  Of course I'm sure it helps a lot that I'm not working and nothing is pressing on my mind or my time.  Instead of hopping out of bed and rushing to the gym at 7 a.m., I finally make it there around noon, by which time I've already had breakfast.  Make it back home mid-afternoon.  And it's only my second day of counting on this lackadaisical-on-the-schedule-but-stringent-on-the-food-restrictions "plan" but I seem to be having a hard time trying to get anywhere near by calorie budget for the day.

Walked for 30 minutes at HR of around 130, which is 72% of my maximum heart rate - can you believe it? That used to be cooled down for me.  Then did 15 minutes of recumbent stationary biking, and kept the HR in the 120s but it was putting my quads and hamstrings to use in a new way and I was very excited to feel them get a little stronger, because I could tell from the puny resistance that they were weak.

That'll get better.  I figure another week of this "warm up" and then I'll get in a meeting with the trainer at the Y who can guide me on how to really commence.

For now I really need to eat something - which I guess means I have to cook it.  I have chicken and mushrooms so maybe some kind of chicken stroganoff, but low fat.  Would need yogurt and low-fat sour cream...  Hmm...

Kitty thinks she's gonna lie up here on my bed and get her dander all in my bedspread, when she vomited on my bed last night?  No no no, just you wait until I get you a towel to lie on.  A special kitty towel for her princessiness to lie on.

In the meantime, my work productivity is terrible.  I got too involved in Facebook today.  Now it's night again (7pm) and my only goal really is to get to sleep early enough to get up early tomorrow and get a good start on a short winter's day.  I am LOVING this rhythm and not wanting to give it up.  Both my parents are out of town and I have the house to myself and it's working great for me.

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