Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sep 2, 2010 218.5

Well - I was kind of worried about what today's scale would read because last night, I stayed at the theatre and worked and I got noshy and noshed on - baked cheetos (how do they even make baked cheetos?), baked sour cream and cheddar ruffles potato chips, peanut m&ms and a baby ruth. My calories for yesterday were up to around 2300. I guess I thought I'd ruined me again. But this morning (and by morning I mean when I finally awoke around 3:30 pm) I weighed 218.5. Surprised, yes. It's not like I've been starving myself enough for a binge to cause weight loss, by my understanding.

So I'm not proud of myself for cheating even if the scale seemed to have rewarded me.

I have just spent, like, 2 hours preparing and packing my food for the day. I ate the breakfast already and I feel like - I hope I am prepared to make it through the night on-plan. I saw Escape From Obesity's blog and was inspired again - I want to be not obese (again) and I want to be under 200 pounds (for once) and I want my belly to disappear and if I'm going to make it to the gym before they close I'd better get up and go.