Friday, September 3, 2010

Sep 3, 219

Ok, my weigh in today was up to 219. It is REALLY hard to get back on track 100% this time. If I could manage to be prepared, it wouldn't be so hard. But ok this time there's more getting in the way - and it's my work schedule. I just can't get ahead. I have to be up all night tonight and well into the day tomorrow. I'm too stressed and flaked out to even be able to think what to make. Even though I just had lunch, I'm having premonitions of breaking down and having candy-type foods in the next 20 hours some time.

Finding the commitment is harder this time around. I might not be entirely free of the effects of sugar. I also think I spend way more time on the computer than I realize even. Supposedly I have 2 snacks and a dinner left in my "day" of eating. I'm really ready to walk out the door and do some work now, not prepare food. I think they might be in rehearsal now, though, in which case I have nothing better to do than prepare some dinner and think and plan about my eating for the next 20 hours. But I am to flaked out to "think" anything out carefully. If the painter is there that's just going to be a burden for me.

By the way, last night I took a little break and went for a walk then jog. I have a long-distance friend who just posted that he jogged 9 MILES. This from being a shlub 9 months ago. I have been having foot problems and jogging on the treadmill has seemed hard and basically I just am scared to overdo it, but last night I jogged just to make sure I still could. I felt a little tightness in my heels but my cardiovascular system was on it, I only did a quarter mile but I could have gone much longer. Should I think about 9 miles?

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BEE said...

it is really hard to get back on track but you can do just eat healthy and stay active and it will come trust me