Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10, 215

If I may get all Southern on you here, I liked ta've keeled over when I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 215. Weight loss is not a major goal for me right now, and often it seems slow, but when it happens, it's just one more number into La-La-Land for me. 215? 215 is about what I weighed when I finished high school. Only once since then have I weighed so little, after a long stint of diet, exercise, and hormone surges. Then I got to 207 for about one day before beginning the regain. So when I do get to 206, that will be a major major day.

So now I will be able to accept when my parents gawk at me and say "You are looking so slim!" Because even though I feel like the same person as ever, technically I weigh less than I nearly ever have in my adult life.

Now maybe I was a little dehydrated, but nevertheless, it was the legitimate scale reading and it's less than it's been so far on this journey. My size 18 jeans are getting very baggy on me already. Totally uncool, or not uncool.

As I forewarned, life is tough these days. Enough work to keep me busy all 24 hours of the day, but time must be made somehow for sleeping, bathing, and eating (and exercise.) I had the opportunity to sleep in today and I took it, which restored my strength. Often this week I did not have the time to make the planned dinner at all. Yesterday I went to Subway and got a 6-inch turkey - no cheese, but yes mayo because that's how sandwiches are supposed to be as far as I'm concerned - mustard is not the answer! Anyway, that's not the worst of it - then I added not one but two double-chocolate cookies. One would have been okay - two was me being out of control. Also, last night I drank three shots of Goldschlager with friends for a VERY good time :-D and when I came home I was hungry and grabbed an ounce or two of turkey to tide me over. I may have to keep some bird in my fridge for grabbing from now until eternity. That little turkey breast has been VERY useful in my own personal makeshift meal planning. So, apparently my decision to grab up a bit of protein last night was a good one. Considering my weight this morning.

As for my exercise goals - they have sort of fallen by the wayside, for many of us. My schedule is just literally too hectic to make it work, and I haven't had enough sleep to exercise. This morning (afternoon) when I got up I did 30 minutes of yoga. If I can do two more workouts in the next two days, I may actually get some money out of it!! Because a couple of other people have come to the group and are also saying that they're not going to make it through all the exercising they're supposed to this week in order to get their $20 back. There is also talk of renewing the pledge after Christmas. I say cool idea. I need the exercise.

So - tomorrow's weigh-in. If I can get enough sleep tonight, it might be exciting times! :-) I wonder what my waist measurement will be. Still no real improvement there.

I'm writing this from the computers at the public library. It is amazing all the belching and farting people are audibly doing all around me.

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Christine said...

great job on the like you've been eating, do what you've been doing and you will be in onederland in no time.