Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3, 219.5

Ooo, too close to 220!!

Last night I honored a dinner date with my friend - restaurant dining. I had a normal meal plan breakfast and lunch, and then we went to this Indian restaurant. My intention was to eat moderately. I had Aloo Palak, naan bread, and a glass of white wine and water. I ate more of the naan bread than I might have ordinarily because it was helping me to deal with the spiciness of the aloo palak. The meal was very tasty and I ate all that was on my plate, which was a very moderate serving compared to most restaurants, so I felt okay about how much mass I ate. I was enjoying the conversation so much I didn't take time to "listen to my stomach" but I definitely never got full and I was actually worried about getting hungry again after so much carb with apparently little protein. (I came home and ate about 3 oz of turkey to quell my appetite for later snacking - it worked.) And I don't know how the spinach is prepared - tons of butter, cream, fat?? Add to that the question of sodium and water weight, and I'm back up to 219.5 this morning.

Now I've been bouncing around 218 and 219 all week, so this is no tragedy, just part of a learning experience for me to observe as I try to figure out how to "do it on my own."

Another thing I'm hoping is that "doing it on my own" will save me money on my grocery bill. So, I'll hopefully get there eventually. Gradually.

Now, though, it's been about 16 hours since last night's dinner and I'm starting to be very very hungry. Time for breakfast.

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