Saturday, December 5, 2009

I faltered. I succombed.

Tonight I went to a Christmas concert by our local symphony. It really got me in the Christmas spirit and when I came in the downtown Christmasy nightlife I wanted to celebrate living and merriment and get into the spirit of the season and of the nightlife. And I wanted to celebrate with coffee, or maybe spiked coffee. I went to a bar&restaurant and was already thinking about decaf with Bailey's. By the end of it, I had two decaf and Bailey's and chocolate lava cake with a half a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is the happy-go-lucky way I used to exist, and it wasn't at all bad!

But I'm guilty of splurging when it was not planned. I had planned to splurge tomorrow, originally, and maybe Sunday or Monday if Saturday was too busy at work. I had been dreaming of the cafeteria food at K&W, and a box of Russell Stover's or some brownies. Now I'm going to sit back and see how this splurge affects me. Tomorrow I have to work, and for an undetermined number of days thereafter so I'll just stick to the meal plan until I know what's going on and can figure out a proper time and strategy for any future planned cheating.

1 comment:

Christine said...

bring one of those chocolate fit bars....they will get you through a sugar surge. lol
Hope next time goes more smoothly.