Thursday, April 15, 2010

Apr 15, 205.5

Darn, for the past few days my body has been weighing in at over 205. At first I figured it was due to my menses which started about the same time as this upswing. But the menses is gone and my weight is still not budging. Then there was the fact that Monday(?) evening I got this urge to go to this old local restaurant for nostalgia's sake and wound up overeating. Then this week maybe I had too many sugar-free puddings and maybe the Salisbury steaks that my meal plan demands are actually not conducive to weight loss, or maybe I've overestimated the 4-oz size of ground beef patty that they demand. Also, when I switched my meal plan to the Seasonal Spring meal plan, my calorie budget went up to 1600-1700. I don't know why that changes when I switch meal plans.

Anyway. Darn.

Fitness-wise it's been a pretty good week. The day after my restaurant-binge, with my extra calories in me, I had this extra energy that I took to the gym and decided to do 24 laps - 1.5 miles - more than I'd ever run before contiguously in my whole life - and did it pretty easily, after which I went and finished out my time demands on the elliptical. Sunday or Monday I did the yoga again. And yesterday I decided to walk-run to work, and lost my phone on the way so I retraced my steps, sometimes running, sometimes walking very slow - about 10 times resulting in something like a couple hours of terrain-coverage.

I'm still relatively committed to the diet, but could stand to be more so, I guess, if I want to ever, ever, ever get below 200 pounds.

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