Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9, 204

Continuing the week and the weight gain from last week's off-planness continues to drip off, from 210 to 206, 205, and today 204. From having been 202.5. Most of what I gained was surely water weight, so maybe a week of Easter candy and restaurant food and Oreos and an open bag of tortilla chips while you Facebook will gain you 1.5-2 real pounds. (Try that for a full year!) I'm relieved things are going well. The weather's been so nice I keep opting for walking in the park as an exercise, instead of elliptical or yoga (yoga would involve reconnecting the DVD player, and besides it would be indoors) but it's been so long since I've done the yoga. Walking seems tepid, but the weather calls for it. I tried running again recently but my body wasn't up for it - weird how one random day your body just runs 1.3 miles and then not again for the next several weeks. Ha.

Life is pushing down on me. An intense week at work, continuing today, but the show previews tonight. Tomorrow is Family Day. Sunday I work another job. Then I must get my taxes done and sent off. Then, if I don't get any other work next week, a trip to the beach would be awesome, and a trip to the mountains would also be awesome. Meanwhile, I'm counting the weeks to my next actual paycheck, and the clutter of my life is making it hard to get across the floor or lay anything into my car. Oh, and I need to take my car in to get a part replaced - $260. And I've met a potential roommate, with whom I could have a housey house and animals at home, but the stress of leaving my current situation and telling my current roommate weighs on me.

That's nothing to do with my weight loss journey - that's just what's "weighing" on my mind right now.

I suppose I will breakfast, pack food, do dishes, shower, go walk in the park (while I read my book which was supposed to be finished by the end of March) and then work all day.

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