Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16, 203

Ok, it's funny what the scale does. You live right, you're up to 205.5 all week. You stress out and drink Jack & Cokes and eat, nay gulp down, McDonald's, the scale rewards you down to 203. Yay. I get it though, and I know I have my week of good living to thank.

Tomorrow's my weigh-in day, and I'd love to cash in on this low weight and - yeah - move down from here. But here's how it happens sometimes. Today, I'm taking a daytrip with my Dad and this other man. I have had my good breakfast, and I have packed a good lunch and snack - but not dinner. I figure I'll join them on whatever we do for dinner. Hopefully a healthy restaurant if I have any say in the matter - not the huge helpings Southern cooking restaurant my Dad likes, but the high-priced Asian cuisine downtown or something. It's a healthy organic hippie town, so we ought to be able to find something! That plus hopefully a bit of hiking. Even if my weigh-in is not what I'd hope for tomorrow, I'll feel okay because I'm still working but right now there is some life to be lived as well. It is spring and there is joy to be lived and I am doing well.

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