Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10, 203.5

Okay - back to official weekly weigh-in day and today's weigh-in is 203.5. Measurements done today show a waist-to-hip ratio of .96, which is down from the .99 I reported at the end of January. That's such an interesting development. I feel almost fantastic about .96.

My weight loss graph has become much more "hilly" in the past few months, more bouncing up and down, but the thing is I'm still reaching new lows as I bounce, so I still feel pretty good about it. My rate of loss is not what it was last summer (steady and speedy) when I was 250 pounds. Also, the not blogging about it every day helps to keep me from feeling the disappoinment of not being able to report progress. (Weighing myself every day doesn't get me down, but reporting sluggish results daily here drives me to frustration.)

203.5 is remarkably close to the 202.5 that was my previous low. That's really pretty encouraging! It helps me to feel like, as I progress along this journey - and even more so as I enter maintenance mode - that I will be able to enjoy the sweets and indulgences food can offer upin moderate occasion without my weight soaring unmanageably back to a high level that I can't even work myself up to trying to reduce again. I wonder if I will always, always continue to be a fat woman struggling to remain slender.

I haven't done yoga in forever, as I complained yesterday. I'm going to set up the DVD player and give it a go. 45 minutes of yoga seems like too long to wait for coffee and oat bran! So I'd better get started.


cmoursler said...

what's that finding nemo song "just keep swimming swimming swimming.
Don't you wish we could just fast forward three months your new low could be 193, how cool would that be...pretty cool

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