Thursday, February 10, 2011

230 - waist blues again

Ok I am reporting a weight of 230 and unless some kind of plateau occurs, can expect to get into the 220s within a couple of days.

Not much to report - stuck to the diet again yesterday - still no exercise. I was busy but now it's gettin to be too long since I've exercised. Today's another day that I will find it hard to fit it in, not to mention being totally uninspired. Maybe I'll just go do an uninspiring stint on an elliptical trainer. My heels are still on fire, especially my left heel, which was burning even as I slept in bed last night. Right heel is feeling okay right now. So anyway, walking or no, I can't be sure.

Yesterday I did a little online window shopping for corsets. Not only would I like to have one now for shaping me under my clothes now, but I have also considered that I'd like to have one after some belly has gone to keep the fat from growing back in the belly. I feel like the way my belly got shaped this way is from wearing the jeans I wore and spilling out over the waistband. Meh. Anyway, I feel like I'd definitely need steel boning, as my belly can easily mangle the plastic boning. And the steel-boned ones are expensive, meaning I'd need to get a good one. And they say to choose a size from your waist measurement, but I'm so baffled as to how to tell my waist measurement.

Anyway, things are going well enough this week. Yesterday at work Chip brought in doughnuts but I didn't have one. I reserved my cheat for a glass of wine but I didn't have that either - really didn't feel like it. Besides, a sugar-fat delectable treat like doughnuts would have seriously damaged my solidarity. I guess I should be a little surprised at how easy it was to resist them.

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