Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb 3, 2011 229.6 Party time!

Hey, the scale had a shock for me today! As I gripped my tummy on the way to the scale, I thought I felt like I'd gained. As usual the scale gave different readings every time I stood on it, everywhere from 229 to 230.5, but usually it was under the 230 line, and I was excited to be able to say I was under 230, but intimidated to cite any unreasonable gains.

So I say 229.6 and celebrate getting into the 220s. Yesterday I did my yoga and loved it. It had been a week since the last time I did it, and I could feel a real difference since the last time, whether because I was actually stronger or just because my body was more rested. Lowering down in a reverse pushup from plank pose felt stronger in the first part, I'm trying to hold boat pose longer (pathetic!), I was much more committed to the back bending (which does freak me out a little and makes me feel like I can't push air into my torso to breathe.)

Yesterday I stayed on plan, packing all my meals for the day before leaving, but I did engage in the following cheats: when offered, a 75-calorie cookie, but it was an interesting gourmet-ish cookie, not just an Oreo, and 2 of those Ghirardelli squares. So it wasn't really a good thing, but I don't just feel awful about it either because it was relatively controlled (i.e. I wasn't eating M&Ms and Butterfingers galore) and they were "quality" treats.

I hesitate to get too celebratory about hitting the 220s because I ran out of meal plan yesterday. I'm supposed to start the new week today and, though I did finally draft out a weekly meal plan at ediets, I just don't have time to go to the grocery store, or to exercise for that matter. I might get in some kind of exercise, but I might not. Work is in crunch time right now. On the other hand, the sun is out and I bet spring is on its way soon! So I'll be coming up with some kind of eating plan for the day - I have plenty of food in the house so it should be okay - and I'm thinking of getting a 6" Subway sub with an apple from Subway - and not those processed and wrapped-in-plastic apple slices either - that makes me angry - Subway, who gets crates of fresh produce in all week, can't handle plain old apples?

So the danger exists that I will bounce back up into the 230s before I go lower. I should have gone to the grocery store sooner, I was just having a very hard time figuring out how to get a good one with my current dietary requests and looked good for my budget. I finally did manage one, but only after I'd done 3 or 4 different tries and finished last night. It's just the standard ediets meal plan - lots of good meal choices, even after excluding beef, chicken, and pork.

Not quite 10 pounds, but close! Hopefully some of my clothes are going to be looking better on me again. These last couple days have been good. It's mostly thanks to Joey - thoughts that he might read this have kept me good the past couple days.

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Unknown said...

great job getting into the 220s - I am working my way to the Onderland...also. I am down 77.8lbs but it has taken its sweet time coming off. I realize that I am okay with this as long as I keep seeing progress.