Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb 2, 2011 230.5

230.5 That's more like it.

I ate breakfast late and dinner early last night, leaving me hungry as I stayed up later, working at the theatre. On a naughty day I might have said "Ah, screw it" and gone and had a candy bar from the lobby, but last night I was thinking of my friend. I did have 2 hard candies, though, that was my cheat. And I didn't exercise. And I don't feel like it today, either. I still want to be asleep cozy in bed. I guess I'm a little enthused though by this morning's weigh-in, and also from this week's TV episode "Heavy" which featured 2 women who each lost 100 pounds in 6 months but more than that, they lost their bellies. ::Jealous:: And the younger one ran a 5k and I was jealous there too. I guess I want to run a 5k. Presumably she trained for it, and she was young and didn't have a bad foot. Still... I think I could at least try.

So I think today for my exercise, I'm torn between taking a walk and doing yoga. I think I want to do yoga. I'm gonna do yoga. I was looking at my problematic belly and thinking if I could pull in the muscles of my upper abdominal region it could help the shape of my belly. I just don't know if exercise will draw them in. Hmm.

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