Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb 1, 2011 - 231.5


I will take what I can get! I kinda really hoped to weigh less today - somehow I thought it would happen. Half a pound is absolutely nothing to sneeze at, it's just that I've been kinda static for a while, as this graph will show.

Getting below 230 will be a big party. In my head. Because I can't afford the calories or the fiscal expense of a real celebration. At the mo.

So this is a big ol' shout-out to my real-life friend Joey - I won't link him without his permission - who is jumping on the old weight loss bandwagon not for the first time in his life (as we can all relate) but this time I think there are real changes and I think his support mechanism is stronger and motivated now. Hi, Joey! We love you!

Yesterday I stayed on-plan mostly out of respect for him - I now feel I have to be a good example for him and that totally sucks. I did manage to make getting to the gym a priority yesterday and did my 20 minutes, and burned 3 more calories in those 20 minutes than last time - I love that slow and constant progress.

Today I really wanted to do yoga, but these cloudy rainy low-barometric-pressure days take it all out of me and I stayed in bed this morning. It is not too late - I may do yoga later in the day, we'll just have to see, but now I have a belly full of breakfast and a bunch of mentally-focused work to do as soon as I finish this blog entry.

It's February now and time to re-evaluate my exercise goals. I tend to rely on my Pilates routine mostly to get myself back out of the dregs. It's convenient to do at home, but otherwise I'm not so sure it's as amazing for me as the yoga. So I will probably transition more to a focus on yoga (which should help with strength, too), while continuing to use my little strength program to measure improvement, and continue my BFL cardio thing too, and on top of that add in some "rounder" and "deeper" movements, like dancing, Callanetics, and bellydance. Also, for my heel, start transitioning to more walking, so I can build up to running. And as spring comes - hiking! A glimpse of springlike weather confirmed for me that I am still a lover of hiking. Now that's a lot to think about. I actually crafted out a plan on paper last night, but it will take a little more thought. I might be trying to fit in too much. Too much of the "phasing in" and "phasing out." A little more pinned down, later.

As for my other resolutions

1) work habits - I am making the effort. I could do better. I did have a couple stints of tardiness.
2) lose weight and get in shape - still at it :-)
3) get health insurance - oddly I have health insurance rather unexpectedly, but only until March 31. otoh, when I'm less busy, I think I can discover more about how to use my union work contributions to a CAPP account and apply them to my health insurance.
4) stop walking past people - stop and talk I don't know if I've actually improved at this at all, judging from my behavior this week
5) Cook in bulk - I'm not doing this now because my meal plan is set up for single meals.
6) Pay back my savings account - oh, wouldn't that be nice? I do need to spend less on food, and I spent way too much on a couple of trips to the bar and restaurant this past week. Unforgivable.
7) Finish that book - DONE! Accomplished!
8) Reduce meat intake - I went purely vegetarian for a couple weeks there, which I didn't need to do but did anyway. This week there has been more meat and less tofu. I changed my meal plan from "Glycemic Impact" to "Seasonal" and there are just not very many vegetarian meals to choose from in that plan, so I'm not sure that that meal plan, which I otherwise love, will match my meat reduction goal.
9) Buy more clothing from 2nd-hand stores... I haven't bought any clothing at all this year. I have actually considered going to get another pair of size 18 jeans to help me through this fat period but ::sigh::
10) Acquire a working collection of classical music - I have done a little research but was overwhelmed and acquired nothing. Yet. Actually I've kind of expanded this to also expanding my knowledge of contemporary music - is there anything out there, maybe local, worth paying attention to?

Ok, off to work.

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