Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Abs and advice on the iPod?

Really liked that ab workout from a few days ago. Short and sweet, not too hard, but definitely feeling the results. I can't wait to start up again, but I'm waiting for my abs to not hurt so much. Maybe tomorrow. I know that as the abs strengthen I'll be able to do them more often. Meanwhile, not getting in any workouts this week, but that's largely because I've been working! Although I could have gone to the gym today but so far I've wasted it. 'Bout to get up and get something done. I'm sure I'll get some exercise before I go to bed tonight, whether it's a 30 minute walk through the fancy part of town, or hitting the gym after work tonight.

Yesterday I forgot and left my lunch at home, which threw me off-kilter and for some reason I decided to have 1 1/2 doughnuts and a brownie. All told it was only about 800-1000 calories over, if my calorie counts can be trusted. And next week I'm spending 4 days on a trip to NYC - woo, don't know what that'll do for my diet but oh well we'll see. It's NYC for 4 days so it supercedes diet if need be. Anyway, today I was over 210 pounds again which I didn't like to see.

I am thinking about getting the iPod - have been trying to convince myself I want one for the longest time (it's one of the rewards offered by my credit card company) and can't convince myself that I want it. I figured that having the mp3 player would be great, but I don't need an iPod to have an mp3 player. Then I figured I could keep notes on it when I get ideas and I'm out and about, things I want to remember. And now I'm thinking about So now my only question is whether I can access the internet easily enough to make it worthwhile. We have a neighbor's wi-fi here at home, but the iPod isn't for at home, it's for out and about. My roommate loves her iPhone but when she said she "only" pays $100 per month for everything, I felt like that was a lot (since I only pay $40 per month now for phone service, which is a damn sight more than I feel like I use it. If I used a pay phone at 50-cents per call I'd probably only pay $10 per month!)


Mae Flowers said...

I would recommend an iPod. I love mine. It motivates me so much during my workouts and I honestly don't think I could workout without it. Any mp3 player would probably work though.

Jenn said...

Have fun in NYC! You know, the great thing about NYC is the enormous amount of restaurants - you could find some great places that offer food that fits in your eating plan. Just sayin'...;-)