Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 3, 210

Well after Sunday's unscheduled splurge I did not suffer any consequences on the scale. In fact, today the scale read an undeniable 210. However, I still feel stuffed into these size 16s when I sit down. I held 210 up as a great sign of impending joy and victory, but the way I reached it has me dubious. I mean, hey, it's the lowest my scale's read so far and that's meaningful, I know. But I don't feel like celebrating. Not yet. I'll wait a few days.

A couple NSVs - have I mentioned yet how happy I am that the hump on the back of my neck and shoulders is practically gone? The whole neck and shoulders area definitely became more shapely. I appear to have clavicle. And the other NSV is a possible reduction in waist size - and when I say "waist size" what I'm really measuring is the part of my belly over my belly button that juts out. I'm really focused on it. Even though losing weight has really done my backside no favors, I seem to be focusing all my attention to my belly as a goal.

Now that I've signed in to blogger, I realize that I have been wasting my time this afternoon and that if I get up and do a little more focused work on my job today, I could get in a workout which is sorely overdue, and hopefully even get to the gym before the 5:00 rush.

Last night I left my laptop charger at the theatre, so when my laptop ran out of power, that was it for me. I loved it. I wish I could learn from these lessons. I cracked open some books and studied foreign languages again like I love to do. I tried again to set some weekly and monthly goals with to work toward major lifetime goals of mine. So I'm actually considering creating a new blog to deal with those weekly/monthly goals and lifetime aspirations. I could just journal it at home. I think the reason I'm compelled to do it online is that the people in my life don't do much chasing of their own dreams, don't inspire me to pursue mine. If I get to where I'm ready to share this blog with others, I'd hope it would inspire them to get off their assses and stop playing computer games, so they could inspire me back and create a positive-energy-cycle. Plus, there would be accountability if I did it online and anybody actually tuned in. I don't know, just a thought.

As for the weight loss thing, I am still sticking to the ediets meal plan and aspiring to work out three times a week.

Oh! One thing I did last ngiht was pull out a book called something like "The Merit Badge Book for Grownup Girls" or something and there was a section on sports and health and I realized something that I think I've been realizing for a while as I consider the relative merits of cardio exercise type stuff and more holistic and naturalistic type exercise programs such as dance and yoga, walking and swimming - and that is that - while the cardio machines may bring greater cardiovascular calorie burns and weight training may bring about more immediate results in muscular strength (at least in that certain direction of that certain motion) - when I VISUALIZE the sort of person I want to be, I see a woman who excels in the more holistic/natural styles of physical activity. Not so much a gym rat. There is still a part of me that would like to run 2 miles, but when I considered my vision of my ideal self, at this point it seems it's not as important to me in the long run.

That said, I may keep doing the cardio/weights thing exclusively for the month of February as I try to achieve more results, and then transition into a real focus on the other kinds of activity in March or so. It'll be a good time for hiking and jogging, that's for sure. Even yoga doesn't seem appealing in cold weather!


cmoursler said...

Ahhh, having a vision of who you want to be...very important.
210 counts....
I know what you mean though...I don't officially count it until I have seen it two or three times.
That way i know it wasn't a fluke or something.
As for me..I tend to lose the weight from bottom up and top down.
So every time, the last thing to go is my lower belly and around my hips and i am wearing a spare tire or something.
It's really irritating. I hope it doesn't do that at goal weight.
Keep up the good work.

Mae Flowers said...

Congrats on the clavicle! ;) 210 is awesome- you should be happy!