Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 15, 206.2

Yesterday was full of sweets.

In the short-term, I really didn't lose control, or splurge, the way I might have in the past. I lost control only a little.

It started when, at work, people bring in all these sweets. Seriously, if they brought in chips and dips or chili or whatever else I would be ok, but - I had to sample the pound cake (1 square inch) and 1 of each of the two flavors of chocolate chip cookie (they were small but chewy - 1 square inch each) and then - !! - someone brought in fudge - choclate fudge and peanut butter fudge. I had one of each and then I wound up having 3 or 4 pieces of the peanut butter fudge just because it was so exotic to me - I have peanut butter fudge about once every 10 years. 1 square inch each.

Then, after midnight, I went out to buy 50% off Valentine's candy. 1 Russell Stove strawberry heart was rich enough to satisfy me, but I then had 2 Bailey's Irish Cream chocolates and about 8 Russell Stover chocolates. All told my calorie intake for yesterday was nearly 3000. Still, I weigh less today, probably due to my menses. So exciting!

I guess the point of this blog was supposed to be that all last night I looked at those chocolates like I was supposed to be greedy for them, but I wasn't. Probably due to the fudge earlier in the day, but also possibly due to a change in what my system is used to, it was all too easy to not reach out for another chocolate. (It was almost disappointing!)

Anywayz. Laterz.


Weighting Around said...

Disappointed with chocolate? Then there is hope for me. My Weight Watcher leader told us to stay away from the half price Valentine's candy today. I figured it was good advice so I remained chocolate-free.

Mae Flowers said...

I love peanut butter fudge. Can you imagine layeriing the peanut butter and the chocolate fudge? Mmm...I probably shouldn't be thinking about it!

jo said...

I would have been a goner with the fudge.

BEE said...

dont worry too much i think everyone had chocolate at some point it was v day for cryin out loud lol

Crys said...

I was in CVS buying my friend a birthday card on Monday and I heard all of the candy calling me. I literally looked around to see if anyone else heard Russell Stover calling me. I had to tinkle really badly and I think it's the only way I got out of there unscathed! So glad to see you're still doing well! :)