Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 24, weight irrelevant

Just several things.

Weight was high - 213.5 - 214.5 I'm not reacting to that weight yet - giving it a couple days for water-retention to go out. On top of everything else, I was apparently menstrual today which confuses me because didn't I just do that? I was so very irregular until about the age of 27, when suddenly I became as regular as clockwork - I kept tabs because I was fascinated by it. Eventually I stopped keeping track, and now I'm not sure how regular I am anymore. Maybe it really has been a month since the last time. Seems like it was just a week or two ago. Anyway.

I stood on the scale at the gym and it read 221. Now, I've known from the beginning that my scale might be light - and what matters isn't my actual weight, but the difference that shows on the scale, which is why I have to always use the same scale and same rituals to get a reading and make a comparison. My brother says he stood on the scale and it read 160 and, after a conversation with his girlfriend, they rationalized that he must weigh more than that. Now I'm not sure. I think they just might be dealing with an awkwardness that she weighs more and he weighs less than they think a man and woman should.

Anyway - what it means is - when I reach Onederland... I might not really be in Onederland. If I decide to start my next session weighing with a more accurate scale, I'll have to reach Onederland again. How awkward.

Back last week when I thought I had a lot of money, I treated myself to a $6 body fat measuring tool from I had a chance to try it today and got a measurement of about 29.5% body fat.

One of the women's fitness mags features "Hollywood's best bodies" and I was a little interested at how waistless the women all were. Only Jewel had what I would call an enviable hip to waist ratio. I saw on Stephen's blog that he was advised to put up 3 pictures in his room of someone who looks like what he wants to look like. I don't know if I should aim for Jewel - I'm an apple. But I personally like to be strong without looking hard or rippled - so I will need SOME fat to go over my muscles. I thought the photo inspiration might be good for me - but the idea of poring through pictures of women and looking at their bodies sounds like a chore.

It's nice to have a neck again and be able to wear necklaces. That's really all there is to be said there.

I went and worked out today - 35 minutes on the elliptical. I don't seem to be gaining power or strength, so I figured maybe I would just start doing more minutes of cardio. Actually, it was TOUGH on the elliptical today. I didn't come close to my typical levels. After about 20-25 minutes, I could feel my ovaries in revolt. My menses was weakening me greatly. And maybe dehydration, a lot of wine last night, and making the mistake of drinking a sugar-free Red Bull just before stepping on the machine - not a good time to assault the heart!

I made a poster - a chart - to help me visualize my progress/success in my goals over the next month.

Today - I had a light breakfast - eggs and toast with apple butter and milk and an orange was just over 300 calories. Then I decided to have pesto at a restaurant - it's one of those things I've been meaning to strike off my to-do list because I'd never had pesto before. So I had some chicken and penne in a pesto sauce, with salad and vinaigrette, and bread and butter. And I finished my plate even though I was full, because it was good. Add that to the Cadbury creme egg I had, and I tried to guess at the calories for sparkpeople and it went just barely over 1700 calories - I have no idea.

Getting back in the swing of things was absolutely easy here at home. But I did have to create another meal plan for the next week and go to the grocery store and that was a lot of time out of my day.

Guess that's it. Soooo sleepy.

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