Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weigh-in Results Feb 27, 210

Okay, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that I'm 210 pounds today. Up from the 205 I was at before New York City, and down from 214 that I was at after New York City. However, this was not unanticipated, although I DO wish it was less, but I am getting what I deserve and continuing on.

(*Edit - actually I just realized that I only got as low as 206.6, so 210 isn't really that much of a gain.)

The good news is in measurements. Day before yesterday I blogged about feeling differences in my body with my hands and feeling from other parts of my body (that I can't see with my eyes or tell from the fit of my clothes.) These measurements tell me that my hands and skin are possibly not hallucinating.

One thing that occurs to me about not being able to see the difference in the mirror is that, when I was 285, I had a faulty image of what I looked like. So now I look more like what I thought I looked like then, so I don't see so much of a difference.

The last time I measured myself I was also 210. This time some of the measurements are the same, but some are notably different. Take, for example, my infamous "waist" measurement, which I measure around the protrusion of upper belly fat over the belly button - it is down 3/4 of an inch! From 44.25" to 43.5". (My actual waist measurement, I would take through the belly button crease, is more like 41.5".)

My hips measurement is truly baffling, I have no idea where to take it - it's a very lumpy area for me and I don't know whether the "widest" part of my hips should be all the way down around my butt or up around my lower belly or somewhere in the middle. I just wrote 45". My waist is smaller than my hips and my chest - I've always wanted to be hourglassy. :-)

My calf has gone down, too, I'm happy to say. I'm all about some big strong round calves, but I haven't been happy with mine lately - they're down nearly 1/2". No difference in my thighs though.

Although I will say that I have observed as my thighs slimmed, the revelation of what seems like little saddlebags out on the sides. I know that many women hate their saddle bags, but I actually welcome mine. Being a "pear" is a step up from being an "apple" and if these bags make me more of a "pear" (even if only in my mind) then I'm happy - don't want to be a ball on two little sticks! I want full hips and legs.

Anyhoo - I guess one takes what one can get.

Oh, and the neck measurement went down a tuft, too.

Now, sparkpeople also has a place to track changes in you energy level, sleep quality, self-esteem, and stress level. For me, these haven't changed at all. I still have low-moderate energy, high sleep quality, low stress, and moderate self-esteem, which only vary according to the weather or my emotional reaction to my upcoming deadlines.

So... I'm back on track and yet... Yesterday I kept cheating. Bald-facedly. I had an extra 500 calories when it was all said and done - from candy. It was a long long day and I hadn't had enough sleep and I just did it.

I'm keeping in mind my goals for my body when I try to keep at the exercise. I did yoga the other day for the first time in a while I guess, and my body has been hurting from it. I still feel the effects today, so I guess I will wait until tomorrow before doing yoga again. I guess today I'll do a walk, and I should leave soon since it's already mid-afternoon, and this is the coldest winter in 40 years. But I'm hungry and must have my oat bran and apple and coffee first.


Mae Flowers said...

I think you should be happy about losing those 4 lbs! You can't change the fact that you gained a bit on your trip, so think positively. You are doing everything you can to keep moving in the right direction and that's all that matters! WTG on those measurements!

Dree said...

I think that measurements are what tell just how well you are doing- congratulations on your great measurements!!

Tamzin said...

inches never mirrors!! Evil Evil mirrors... tehy are in cohoots with the brain and hormones that make us see things that aren't there!! :)

Great job on the losses, up and downs happen. But its good you are keeping on, keeping on!

cmoursler said...

great job...I love all the measurements. As you go down...the saddlebags disappear, then reappear and then disappear.
your whole body shrinks in's crazy.

Erin said...

I've been meaning to tell you how great you look! You have done an amazing job with your weight loss and I wish you continued success! Keep up the great work!