Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pics of me at 210, 75 pounds lost

I finally made it to get my progress pictures taken. Pictures of me at around 210, having lost 75 pounds. Observe my belly issues. I have cut my feet off because these are my size 16s and they are too short for me. I will update my progress pics page with these pictures.


Unknown said...

That is totally awesome, thank for sharing it is truly inspirational

btw..we think you are awesome and would like to invite you to join us in the kitchen. It is new so we are trying to get new members.

Skitterbox said...

wowza!! very noticeable! you should be very proud!

Learning to be Less said...

Good job! You are looking great. Slim. Inspiring!!

Christine said...

Great job...
Keep up the awesome work.
You are doing fabulous.

BEE said...

the belly will go away soon
i promise after you get past the 200s you will be smoking hot
the 200s are the hardest to get past but its totally different once ya do

jo said...

You look fantastic.

I have belly issues, too. We'll get there, though.

You have absolutely fantastic legs!