Monday, February 8, 2010

adding in ab work

Dunno how many readers remember reading back in the beginning of this blog from last summer, but I have been avoiding ab work. Apart from yoga or maybe pilates or trying that bellydance DVD (I tried the bellydance DVD again today, but without the remote I can't get to the tutorial section to learn the moves >:-P) Anyway, at the grocery store the other day I saw Oxygen magazine featured an ab routine as its cover story so I bought it and I'm going to do it. I did it today, it wasn't too difficult, doesn't take up time so there really aren't any excuses now that there's not as much of me to squunch up. Even if no one can see my abs, maybe this will tighten me up and anyway we all know how important a strong core is for a strong and centered body and graceful movements, so I'm looking forward to investigating the improvements.

Also a quick "NSV" - the past day or so I've been feeling very squunchy, like there's less fat inside my skin and the skin around my legs, thighs and butt especially can be bobbled about. It's a little disconcerting actually, but we'll see. Anyway, while I was kneeling to deal with the DVD player with the bellydancing DVD, I noticed immediately that my calves and thighs collapsed into each other more and my butt very nearly was cradled in my feet. This is a big difference for me. Kneeling for me has always meant crushing the fat behind my knees and not being able to sit on my feet, and even though it doesn't hurt at all, pretty soon the blood would stop flowing and I couldn't hold a kneeling posture more than a few minutes.

Yesterday I had a family day and as a result of that went a little above my calories. Since my brother is watching what he eats these days, we went to Vietnamese instead of Mexican (where my Dad wanted to go) - interesting since I can hardly imagine if my brother wanted Mexican and I wanted to eat light that I would get to nix the Mexican restaurant without being made to feel like shit about it.

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Tamzin said...

YAY for "squunchy" NSV! :)