Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i'm back

I've been gone a while. I went to New York City and had a marvelous vacation - outside of my normal surroundings and circumstances. I forgot my former life, and forgot my former dedication. Instead, I lived it up in my temporary time. I have returned with a cold - my brother showed the first symptoms and we were sleeping in the same bed, so I'm sure that's when I caught it.

Even after getting home Sunday night/Monday morning, it has taken me until today, until now, Tuesday at 6:30, to start trying to remember my efforts. Yesterday I stayed at my parents' place - sick, waiting to pick up my car from the auto mechanic, posting pictures to facebook, and eating cold food like chicken noodle soup and saltines and grapefruit juice and oranges. Frankly, I'm still eating for my cold, though I do feel better today than I did yesterday, I'm not up for a cardio workout!

I figured I'd drop by blogger to help get myself back in the mode. I will eventually read back over some of your entries, but I'll never read them all and I kind of want to read The Lovely Bones tonight. However, some time before tomorrow I absolutely need to be prepared with some idea of what I will eat and what exercise goals I must reset for myself.

I did step on the scale and was displeased, but I reminded myself not to hold that number too tightly until I've had a couple days for the water weight to pour out.

I do wonder, after this weekend, if I will ever be able to learn to just eat a healthy amount of food, naturally. Frankly, I don't think so. I could try but I feel like I'm going to have to rely on meal planning and calorie counting to get by for a long long time.

The good news for this weight loss effort is that we are entering spring/summer mode which presents very few diet interruptions. It is a season for dieting. What if - just what if - I could wear a bathing suit without a big belly sticking out in front of me - this summer?????


Mae Flowers said...

I believe in you! You'll look great in that swimsuit this summer! :) I'm excited about spring/summer too. It's so much easier to be healthy when the weather is nice for some reason. More fruits and veggies available. Plus you can workout outside which is much more enjoyable! Welcome back!

BEE said...

you can do it
get back on track
and you feel better in no time