Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 210-211

I've been a little disappointed over the past couple of days not to have seen any reduction in the scale since Saturday's weigh-in. I was still hoping that it would start to come down a sliver or two. Instead it's been 210-211 still. I am hoping there's some non-fat reason for this - either related to the ailing I've been feeling in my legs and abs from my new lunges and abs routine is evidence of growing muscles (by so much so soon?) or simply constipation.

Of course it could also be that yesterday I went out to dinner with my dinner/movie buddy and had some sushi - which I guesstimated at 400 calories from sparkpeople estimate of a combination sushi plate, but honestly wonder if it wasn't much more than that - shrimp, rice, some fried stuff, some sauce... I don't really totally know what was in it. It was delicious, though.

I've been getting a lot of exercise lately - I'm on a yoga, elliptical, jogging-&/or-walking rotation and I play it by ear. I tend, now, not to care too much about doing intense workouts. If I feel like pushing harder, I will, but I'm not going to kick myself for even a light workout when I'm on a 1700-calorie diet. Besides, I may not have felt like I was pushing very hard on the elliptical tonight, but my heart rate told a different story. For the past week I've been getting 30 minutes of some form of exercise almost every day. I haven't been working much, so I've been attending to selfimprovement activity. I've added in lunges and abs in the hopes of seeing some improvements in these areas. I haven't done hardly any ab work since I started this thing, because I hated crunches because they squunched up my bellyfat and my internal organs. I told myself when I lost weight I would start to work more diligently on abdominals, and that time has come.

I doubt, though, that I will get under 200 pounds by the end of the month, according to the schedule I had set for myself, even if I am a very good girl.

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