Tuesday, January 18, 2011

fat bellydance

234 again today. Well, I can't just keep losing a pound a day as nice as that sounds. Even then it would take me 2 months to reach my goal. I'm looking at probably over a year. I just can't wait to get back down to size 16 and lose a little bit more.

I watched The Secret of the Grain. There was this beautiful young actress in it, and at the end of the movie she very unexpectedly came in and did a long belly dance. It was surprising to me because she had quite a large belly. I am not opposed to poochy bellies on women but I kept thinking hers was unattractive. The camera was, of course, often focused on it. Still, despite my open-mindedness about the size of beauty, I know that most young American men would not be used to seeing a fat-bellied bellydancer and would have all kinds of insults to throw about it on the internet. (The movie was not made in America, it was a French-language film about Arab immigrants in France.)

Anyway, I've done a moderate amount of internet research on fat bellydancers and have found a lot more positive than negative (probably because the videos are labeled "fat bellydancer" or "BBW bellydancer"). I saw one where the woman was labelled BBW but I would say she was just pretty chubby - the videotaper really liked her belly, he kept zooming in on her belly even though there were multiple dancers.

All this bellydance video has me aware that for some reason for me my swishing my hips back and forth has become very rigid and inflexible, which I consider odd for me - I used to feel so hippy like a water person, I liked being a water person, but now I feel more and more like an Earth person. Plus the control they have over that section of their body, whereas for me this is a section of my body I largely overlook. I am sure regular study with bellydance would behoove me. I have the DVD when I wanted to try it before but as I think I told you - it was HARD.

Anyway. Another day down. Closing in on a week down, should get ahead of the game and plan my next week's meals. Today's workout is the 20 minutes BFL system on the elliptical. Also to at least decide how to incorporate strength training into my plan. Yesterday I did yoga which was great despite all the falling back I've done - lost energy trying to hold dog pose, lost thigh strength trying to hold a lunge. I definitely love that yoga vid - when I do it well, when I am done with it, I feel so fit, strong, flexible, and in connection with my body.


Patsy said...

I always thought bellydancers were *supposed* to carry a little extra weight to make them jiggle better? I've seen a few very slim bellydancers and they just don't look right! (I'm in the UK, though, so might be different over here...)

Hallie said...

Well, I admit, I don't fully "get" bellydance, and was also kind of looking it up to see what the philosophies behind it might be.