Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan 25, 2011 - 233 still :-/

Not much to say. I'm 233 again today. I feel that's unreasonable and have decided that maybe there was actually some muscle build-up from yesterday's exercise. I did my Pilates this morning - groan and grumble, but I did it. Still waiting for some kind of wonderful tight, strong, graceful feeling from my core that I have never got from the Pilates but that they swear I should. In fact, today the same movements felt more difficult to me. Still, overall I am happy to feel myself growing back to regular/moderate strength and activity. Yesterday I did the BFL on elliptical + simple strength routine, and if I am gaining muscle it should be from the dips and chinups and the lunges, plus the heavy intervals of cardio probably.

Tomorrow yoga. Which I love. I should get up pretty early for it so I can have it done before my roommate comes out. I'm not embarrassed to be seen doing the funny movements and getting all red in the face, but it does make me self-conscious and more apt to lose focus on my stretching and balance etc...

Eh, I'm just babbling for the sake of babbling now - there's really nothing else to say. I think I should be 232 today - so maybe tomorrow that will be a reality.

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olive said...

One of my co-workers does pilates all the time and raves about it but I've never had much luck with it.