Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 15, 2011 - 238 pounds

Since my last post, I had a big illness relapse, or a new illness on top of the old one, and my erstwhile efforts to be moderate have slacked off into the worst of sweets ingestion. Breakfasts are fine, I have wonderful healthy soul-satiating breakfasts, but by the end of the day, junk food has overinvolved itself in my day.

So I gained again and at this point I feel I no longer have any connection with how much is the right amount to eat. So I'm - sigh - back on the ediets meal plan for now. I was 239 yesterday when I started, I am 238 today. I have discovered that there are Cadbury creme eggs out there already. *sigh* I had two yesterday and that is going to tide me over. When I do get enough weight lost, and feel like I'm sure I'm in control again, I will go to a program of having one day off the meal plan. That doesn't mean I can have a bingey free-for-all - it just means I can go to a restaurant with friends or something, and maybe have a Cadbury creme egg.

Today's diet-related goals are simply to stay on-plan and to do a 20-minute interval training session to (over time) boost my energy, stamina, and quick-twitch muscle fibers. I did Pilates on Thursday and am definitely feeling it in my abs - which is just another sign that I'm out of shape because usually I don't really feel much.