Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011 - 234

Down another pound today. This is good news to me, it means I'm 5 down from my start a few days ago and inspired to go it another day. I want to start a fresh new ticker since all the ones I have are sort of out of date anyway.

Exercise yesterday was the Pilates. Stuck to the diet, more or less - made some substitutions at lunch off-handedly - without consulting a substitutions list - how well does raisin bread substitute for 1/3 cup of rice? Some leftover canned pineapple for the honeydew melon. And then later an unscheduled orange, and skipped (forgot because was too sleepy) the simple salad with my dinner. So - more or less.

Also went out with my family after a concert. I was hungry but waiting for my dinner which was at home. I allowed myself a glass of wine, socially, which actually made me a very little bit tipsy for 10 seconds on such an empty stomach I guess.

My brother and I are going to encourage each other to keep exercising. I don't know if the gym closes or has a half day for MLK Day - but since MLK day was actually Saturday maybe that's not even relevant. I'm thinking of doing yoga anyway. Should do it now. I am feeling so hungry this morning!

By the way, I was thinking of going to the beach or something this week, but then realized that adhering to the meal plan sort of precludes that. I could try to go and "be a good girl" but if I leave the decisions about when and what to eat to my inspiration - I'm undependable. I don't know when I've had enough, I feel freer to treat myself when I'm on a trip. That's going to always be a burden for me to have to deal with probably. I like food, I like all different kinds of food, and my system can handle it.

Ok - yoga.

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