Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan 21 - pretty much a wash

Well, today I didn't want to get out of bed - felt too snug and sleepy in my bed, so I got up too late to do more than about 20 minutes of yoga, which was disappointing, I wanted to do more. Then off to work, hoping it was just a half day, but it turns out it's a full day. Once I found out I wasn't getting cut at lunchtime, I began to feel a certain uncertainty about how long I was staying and when break was called there were doughnuts and I ate - because I didn't know what my access to food was going to be like throughout the day. I could have packed last night, if I'd known. Oh well. I didn't just have 1 doughnut either, I went all out like they were going out of style. My schedule should be my own after this and I'll get back on track. Right now I've got to get lunch and get back to work. Hi ho.

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