Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My exercise plan for January

First, let me get this out of the way. I am hungry.

I see I should have had lunch by now, and I have to run out and get a red bell pepper for lunch. I must have decided it was too expensive, when I was at the grocery store, but now I can't imagine eating this broccoli stir fry without the brilliant and delicious red peppers.

Moving on.

I delineated the goals of my exercise plan this morning. My exercise goals at the mo are not to burn the most calories. If they were, I would get on the elliptical for 45 minutes. Instead my goals have more to do with getting my body back into good FUNCTION.

(1) I want to firm up my abs, obliques, back muscles and various core muscles.

(2) I want to wake up my entire body, all different kinds of muscles, moving in all different kinds of ways. Increasing flexibility and strength and tone and grace and functionality and mind-body connection.

(3) I want to improve my general muscular vigor. I'm sluggish now. I want to improve my readiness to move vigorously.

As for #3, that is why I have made the Body-For-Life 20-minute interval cardio workout a priority.

As for #1 & #2, that's why I'm focusing on Pilates. Also I did some yoga yesterday and although it was pathetic comparatively, I was reminded of how excellent it can be when I can do it well - how strong, flexible, graceful, and warm I feel after a yoga workout - and how proud to be able to succeed at some of those difficult poses. In addition to Pilates and yoga, bellydancing and just dancing in general would be good for these goals.

So that's what I'm doing for now, and I will re-evaluate later, probably in February when I'm not so slammed as I will be when the month changes over. (I will almost certainly fail to get the exercise in during that time anyway!)


Patsy said...

Will be interested to see how you get on... Cardio would burn the most calories, but I get the results I love best from weight training. :o)

Enyonam said...

Good luck!

Enyonam said...
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