Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15, 237

Down to 237 for weigh in. It brings my BMI down to 35. I took measurements, which I haven't done for weeks because I wasn't at home or near a measuring tape on check-in day any time recently. Measurements showed reductions all around except for forearm, which remains steadfastly at 12". Hope some day it reduces. Today's weigh-in makes me feel better overall about leaving town and freeing myself from the meal plan. NOT to have a cheat day, though - not until I make specific plans and decisions about what to do on cheat day. That's just important. But I'm thinking of driving out of town and by the time I reach Savannah it will be evening already. So I may have to go a little while on my own without meal plan food. My intention is to stay sensible, although I also am thinking of dining at restaurants and coffeehouses - so we'll see how it goes. Summer is running out and I've been going pretty steady on this thing since April. Not just due to the diet, but just in general, I need to make an impromptu trip - I need to look around and be somewhere ELSE - where nothing's the same and no one knows me, and I'm there because I took upon myself the freedom to own my own life and go wherever I want whenever I want because I'm not in chains shackled to these coordinates. I just want to see some live oaks and spanish moss. :-)


Kimberly said...

You are doing so good! I am almost to the 230s myself. You should be proud for pressing through the hard times and cracking through that pounds range.

Jenn said...

Doing good, girl! Look how much you've lost in inches - that is so incredible!!!