Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23, 240

Totally unfair! There's no good excuse for my scale to have gone up to 240!! I thought I was out of the 240s. ::pout::

Yesterday I didn't have the ability to move. Unloading the dishwasher was beyond my capacity. I lounged, then changed position and lounged some more, feeling my body's ails from the day before. I obeyed the meal plan, eating less of the dinner than required because I was sooo tired, it was so late, and I was not hungry. So I didn't expect to awaken today and weigh more than yesterday. If I had to make an excuse, I'd say that my body sucked up all the food I ate yesterday in building new muscle tissue with all that aching and soreness.

Today my body still hurts, but maybe not as much. I will wear the back brace my Dad gave me and stick to the meal plan again.

In other, non-scale indiciators - my hands have been feeling things again. They feel my rib cage and an apparent slimming in my back above my hips.

This week I have to adhere to the meal plan precisely. If I don't lose weight by the end of this week, hopefully I'll have the option to reduce my calories. This 240 nonsense, though I know I'm responsible for it with those two weekend trips, but it has finally outlived its welcome.

Although, the truth is - I'm sitting here at 240 and feeling way way better than I did at 285. I achieved what I set out to do, really, which was to not be the way I was at 285 anymore. I could be happy at 240. The only thing about that is, as long as I have the momentum to lose weight, I wanted to get down to slim for once in my life. 180 or something. Just to see me that way, to feel it, just to experience the exotic - to have a waist.


jo said...

You look really good! Be gone, 240! Since we're so close in weight, I *would* challenge you in a race to 180, BUT I don't do challenges as they're too stressful--it's challenge enough to be on the journey. I think we'll both make it, don't you?

Hope you're feeling better and quickly!

Jenn said...

I'm sure it's just a bit of water - you'll be back down in no time!

Crys said...

Girl, last week I gained 5 pounds in one week! I got on both scaled at the center and they both said 261. This week, I'm down 8. Water water weight and scales are weird, but listen to your body. If you're feeling better, you're doing the right thing. You look great! Go towards your goal! :)