Saturday, August 1, 2009


My Dad just sat down with me and my cousins and brother and said in front of everyone - "You look so good." I did NOT want this conversation. My cousin politely said "You do look good." I've noticed a few people have said it to me as a greeting since I got here, but no specifics were given. Dad goes on, "I was watching you walk around, you look long and willowy, not like a blob." "I want to go for a walk," I said, and the subject was vaporized.

I hope I don't have to endure a lot of that kind of thing.

I ate too much when I realized there was strawberry cream cheese, I got another half bagel to put the cream cheese on. I didn't have to eat the whole thing, I could have just tasted it.

So I just typed in my official weigh-in as yesterday's 240, which is actually a 0.5 pound loss from last week's official weigh-in. I had forgot that 0.5 pounds. Anticipated goal date of 220 still scheduled for October 10, though the results of this weekend may destroy that, who knows.


MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

For real this time...I love that title. I am a repeat offender as well. Hey don't let them get you down. I think that was a comment until he got to the blob part. Keep your head up.

Token Fat Friend said...

Though the blob thing stings (and I can relate), compliments are compliments. Even if they don't appear so nice at first. :)