Saturday, August 29, 2009

impromptu cheat day

I figured I had a cheat day coming to me, and, well, apparently it's today. I figured that out as I decided to buy chocolate chip cookies at the store. And then B&J cheesecake brownie ice cream. Then a whole package of Oreo's (just to have a few) and a whole package of marshmallow pinwheel cookies (I had 3 and left the rest on the curb!! - 120 calories each!) So, I'm going to an Indian restaurant right now. I've been waiting for ages for some tasty Indian cuisine and Nan bread. I can't decide which to get - usually I like the lamb saag, but I do have a problem with eating the cute little lambs.

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InWeighOverMyHead said...

Nothing wrong with cheat days as long as it doesn't turn in to everyday like I have been doing... :)

- Lisa