Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Signs of weight loss

It's evening. Very sleepy. Long day, not enough sleep. Pulled myself away from internet poker to shower. Naked in front of the bathroom mirror, I shimmied. My fat - on my belly and my bum and thighs - jiggled. As if there was a hollow in there. I used to be plump and full, now I'm hollowing out perhaps.

Though it's not my time of day for a legit weigh-in (after sleep) I stepped on the scale. Three times. The readings were as high as 238 and as low as 236. Very exciting! I can't wait to stand on the scale tomorrow morning! If I weigh 240 in the morning, though, I might have to break something.

1 comment:

Fat[free]Me said...

Its great to see the signs of the fat going at last! Mine feels kind of softer now - it is great!

Great new low weight-wise, eh?