Thursday, November 26, 2009

before the feast

I do plan to feast today. Don't bother telling me that I could eat moderately even on Thanksgiving because I have no intention of heeding that advice - though I may eat less anyway just because I'm used to it, I fully intend to taste everything and feel drunk and full. My extended family is all into the fatty casseroles for Thanksgiving. I made two versions of cranberry dishes. Both scrumptious.

Anyway, I wish I weighed less than 219 this morning. I knew last night I was eating my lunch, snack, and dinner all on top of each other so late that I would not weigh less than 218 today. I wish I did just so I could feel less likely to bounce over 220 today. But it's not a big deal - today's a special occasion and I can indulge on a day like today, and return to the fight afterwards.

Happy T-Day.


Christine said...

I plan on eating today and being back otk tomorrow...
it's good to eat the way you are going to the rest of your life.
Sets the mind straight.
Hope you had a happy thanksgiving.

bluenotes said...

whoa whoa whoa, i missed something while i was gone- you reached your goal of 220?! thats AWESOME!! congrats girl!!
thanksgiving is one day a year, after all of your hard work, you should fully enjoy it and not worry about anything else! you're obviously doing great!