Monday, November 23, 2009

New Goals For Now

Thank you to those of you who shared in my joy yesterday. It took me 8 months to lose those 65 pounds and forever to lose the last 5 pounds of it. I was thrilled and proud and yet also felt unable to share it in my real life. All I did was a Facebook status update that said "GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!" and nobody responded to it. I couldn't SAY to anyone that I reached my weight loss goal today.

As for rewarding myself? Honestly, reaching goal IS the reward. I am going shopping today, though. Maybe I'll find some clothes that look nice on me. I don't do so much of the clothes shopping these days. And honestly the pudge out front is still going to be a hindrance to a lot of clothes looking good enough on me to be "sharp" or "hot" or "awesome." I had also thought of having some nice melty ice cream - but then realized I'm still on the "no sweets" pledge until Thanksgiving. Even though I sort of think the person I'm doing this in support of isn't still on the pledge with so much adherence, I just feel like I made the pledge so I should stick to it.

As for my New Goals.

It is important to me to stay under 220 now. Today I weighed anywhere from 217 to 219.5, so let's just say 218 since that's about where it settled the most. That's a fair little buffer between me and 220. I think the best way to stay under 220 is to set a new weight loss goal, but not be in any particular hurry to reach it. Being at 220 means that Onederland beckons to me, but at this point I kinda want to get there at a reasonable rate and hope my skin elasticizes.

*So, new short-term weight-loss goal becomes 198. (199 will be awesome, but 198 will be safer, plus it's an even 20 pounds from today.) Preliminary idea for a goal date is 2/28/09.
*New long-term weight-loss goal becomes 182.

New exercise goals from now until New Year's.

* Yoga twice a week, try to finish the full 50-minute session by the end of the year.
* Elliptical trainer twice a week - try to build up to burning 450 calories in 30 minutes. The purpose of this goal is to build strength, energy, and quick-twitch fibers in my legs, and of course improve my heart, lungs, and cardiovascular system.
* Weight-lifting for upper body twice a week. I need to set specific lifting goals here, but I'm too confused as to how to go about it. This is to the specific purpose of regaining lost upper body strength. I do lifting and carrying at work and it's become more difficult for me.


karen@fitnessjourney said...

It is great to have goals and also to have a plan. You are well on your way. Have you/do you get any professional help for coming up with an exercise plan designed just for you? I just started working out with a personal trainer because I wasn't progressing. I lost 2.5 1bs after less than 2 weeks and already feel like I'm making strength gains. Just thought I'd throw that our there.

CinciMom11 said...

Good for you!!! You made it!!! Congrats! Great new goals, too!

Tamzin said...

I missed blogging yesterday so missed your goal post!! GRATZ!!! that is so amazing. You are rock'n these next 20lbs for sure. We will be here reading.


Tricia said...

Congrats on getting to goal! Thats amazing, you're doing a wonderful job.