Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20, 222

If I may quote Florida Evans, Damn, damn, DAMN!!!

Ok, today I weighed 222, which is closer to 220, but I really thought I would hit 220 this week, and I'm putting everything on hold waiting for it!! Well, not everything, but I am waiting for it. Clearly, if I don't weigh 220 tomorrow, I will ask for a calorie reduction at ediets. I admit I'm scared of that. Calorie reduction means less tasty foods and more likelihood of hunger. :-( But, 220 must be achieved, and you well know I am sick of dangling above it.

I do realize that I am hovering around 221-223 now instead of 223-225 and 225-227 as I had been before, but the weight loss has just gotten so slow now. It's like an event horizon, or the graph of 1/x - you get closer and closer to your goal but you get slower and slower so you NEVER ACTUALLY GET THERE!!

Meanwhile, today (as if today alone could make a difference) I am skimming miniature amounts from my meal plan. This morning I passed on a cup of soy milk I was supposed to have with breakfast. Maybe I'll do some more of that today.

I am still withholding myself from candy and sweets due to a pledge I made with fellow blogger, Jenn. So, I've had not even a taste of it, except for the occasional sweet-tasting item from my meal plan, like the honey whole wheat English muffins I already had stocked for myself. Sometimes it's a little easier to just deny yourself these indulgences rather than try to figure out for yourself HOW MUCH indulgence to allow yourself.

I'm also still on the 3 workouts per week pledge, and getting ready to do my 3rd workout this week - the yoga DVD. Three workouts per week of yoga and cardio and weights is not enough to see enough improvement - but it's still better than zero workouts per week. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a fourth and get to the gym before it closes.

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karen@fitnessjourney said...

The other day my daughter made a comment to me that I think you will appreciate. (I've just started working out 6 days each week.) She said, "Mom you deserve to take that time for yourself." Have you ever thought of it that way? When you work out you are doing something just for you. It's a gift to yourself.