Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16, 223

A little disappointed to see 223 today. Yesterday we went to the Renaissance Faire and I was very good and observed my diet all day. After the RenFaire, they wanted to go out to eat. I was just going to eat my snack - goat cheese and figs - and then have my dinner when I got home. But my brother insisted on something healthy (he's such a different guy when there's a woman in his life) and we wound up going to a Vietnamese restuarant, and I thought a pho soup sounded really good so I got one. It was served in a big bowl and I ate only about 20% of it. It was good, and very filling, and I was glad that I finished, because I could have kept eating, but I was very conscientious of the dangers of eating at the restaurant. So I'm wondering how much sodium was in that soup to make me weigh 223 today. I'm not terribly concerned, and still hope to weigh in at 220 by the end of the week! I'm already coming up with some exercise goals to see me through the end of the year. It is about the numbers right now because it's about getting to goal. I've been hovering above goal, tantalizingly, and I'm confident I'm getting closer but I'm so ready to move on to the next phase, whatever that it.

Yesterday, I was wearing a baggy sweatshirt (my favorite from my 285 days) and my 18 jeans (feeling a bit baggy in the butt, since my butt is so flat I guess) and yet there must have been something about my appearance because my family was like "You are just getting so SKINNY!" (Snork!) I wonder if they just don't see me often enough to remember from week to week what I look like now that I've lost weight. A photograph was taken of me last night that did NOT help me feel the least bit slender. Maybe I'll post it for you.


Mae Flowers said...

I'm sure that you look just fine! Post that picture! By the way, I saw an article in a magazine a while back where a woman had to take a picture of herself everyday and write down how she felt about herself that day. It was kind of funny actually because in every picture she looked just the same, but her thoughts could be extremely negative. So the point of this is- Even though you might feel bloated and gross, chances are it isn't noticable!

Jenn said...

Definitely water retention - I bet that soup had a lot of salt! Don't fret - you'll see that number come back down.