Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 225

I think yesterday's weigh-in was a little more than 225, maybe as high as 227 - I sorta forget - oh yeah and it was late in the day because I was working at night and sleeping in the day.

Today I'm back "down" to good ol' 225.

Keeping up the good fight. Did I cheat at all yesterday? No, but then "yesterday" was a short day. The day before, when I was up all night working at the theatre, I told myself I shouldn't - but continued anyway - discovering that Lance peanut butter on cheese crackers with M&Ms tasted good together. So that was a good 300-400 calories extra.

I'm 225, but feeling puffier and uglier and wimpier than I did when I first hit 225, heck, when I first hit 240! My calves look fatter than imaginable, and I feel like I barely fit into my jeans, a wry glance in the mirror at how far my belly still sticks out when I'm sitting... There's nothing really good going on with me physically. What is going on? I'll tell you something else a little socially unacceptable, too - I had crazy gas the past 2 days, and no idea where it all came from! Fortunately, it seems that has passed.

So today I went to the gym, for no better reason than because I have to workout 3 times this week to get my $20 back at Christmas. Working out during tech week? Who knew it was possible? Did a little workout and lifted a little weights for arms and abs. I will have to follow a more specific plan if I hope to see improvements in my muscles over the next 6 weeks.

I remember the title of this blog - For Real This Time. I'm not going back. I've got to make it work this time.


Joanne said...

Just found you today and I know you are struggling but YOU ARE DOWN 60 POUNDS!! Congrats and fabulous!!! Wish I had done the same when I was your age. I look forward to following you and your journey.

Carissa said...

I know the feeling.. I still feel like I look like I weigh 250 some days. Try to stay positive! Losing 60 lbs is AMAZING & no easy task, so you obviously can and ARE doing it. Keep your head up girl!

HD@Losing Weight-Healthy Heart said...

Good for you for going to the gym! I feel meh today myself - and a good workout surely helps alleviate that. Too bad my good feelings come around 6 a.m. instead of 6 p.m.!

cmoursler said...

Hey I think I have spotted your lever...your cheap. lol. If you want to give yourself some leverage, make a deal with yourself. If you don't lose 20 lbs in the next five months, you have to give 100 dollars to a cause you can't stand. But you don't just write it then, You write it, give it to someone you trust, then have them weigh you in five months. They keep the envelope and send it. I did this with a fat photo of me works.
Good luck

Hallie said...

HA! Interesting suggestion, cmoursler.

Beth said...

Sorry you're in the doldrums. Keep the thinking going! Sooner or later you will find a mindset that gets you back your mojo.

Crys said...

60 pounds is nothing to sneeze at! You're doing awesome! I totally understand the struggling (VERY WELL) and trying to keep motivation up. But if you can't run, crawl. Just keep going forward.