Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21, 221

When I stood on the scale this morning, it might stop at 220 or 220.5, but if I'm being honest about the even distribution of weight between my two feet on the scale, I pretty much came out to 221. It's the same weight as last week, but it's still not the 220 that I was just SO SURE I would get to.

I'm going to get to it before Thanksgiving, though, for whatever it's worth and however much I'll gain back on Thanksgiving. My meal plan is already arranged but I'm still going to cut calories from it.

I'm going through all my clothes. I'm not sure why - if I'm trying to pare down. I guess I feel like I have a lot of clothes that are imperfect. There are some that express my personality but do not flatter me. There are some that flatter me but do not express my personality. There are some clothes that are perfectly good old standbys but that are looking kind of faded, worn, and drab. There are some I have been keeping in case I was ever thin enough to wear them again. There are some that I have always loved because they have always done right by me, but now I think they may be too big for me and it breaks my heart. I don't seem to be getting rid of as much as I might have hoped, but I have created a pile of stuff that I might consider getting rid of and it's a pretty big pile. In the end, though, I might just put that stuff in a box or in the back of the closet.

My Mom's birthday present to me was to take me shopping for clothes. I think that would be great. I feel like I would love the boost that new clothes can bring. For the past several months or years, clothes shopping hasn't been much fun because nothing looked good on me, so it was really about picking the lesser of two evils. (It's another reason I was kind of hoping to get to goal.) Now even though I'm sort of set into a size 18 and would be willing to settle here for a little while (enough to buy size 18 clothes) I am still, when I think about it, very much annoyed with the stubborn protrusion of fat bulging out from ABOVE my belly button. UGH!

Anyway, I just weighed in at ediets. Because I weigh the same as last week, they didn't give me the option to reduce calories. But I guess that's ok since I've already got a meal plan for the next 6 days and I've already bought the groceries for it. I'll just trim away a few calories here and there during the week.

It's also time for measurements. Happily, there was a slight .5-inch loss from my waist measurement, which I use to measure around the small of my back but also around the bulge above the belly button. However, I'm thinking that may be from my sides or the small of my back, not the protrusion out front, just from what I've been observing in the mirror, and feeling with my hands. Minimal losses and gains everywhere else - the measurements go up and down.

Now it is well past my lunch time. I have 4 days to lose this last pound!! Come on now!!


Beth said...

I have the same problem on my scale! Every little sway changes the number. Like you, I go with the number when it seems like I'm most evenly distributed on the base. But I don't like seeing the lower number and not being able to record it!!!

Christine said...

mine is an analogue with teeeny tiiiiny blips...I can tell in's not too specific...i get the gist. Like right now I am headed for under two hundred...I know I am under when the needle is under two hundred. Not an exact science, but beats weighing on a fruit stand...anywhoo. Good luck on your pound.

Unknown said...

I have no doubts that you can make that 1 lb loss by Thanksgiving! You are doing wonderful, don't be disappointed in yourself!