Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3 - 226

Three days ago I was under 224, yesterday I was 229, today I'm 226. I'm a little annoyed with myself for getting this slack this clolse to goal - I should be hitting goal really soon. Social and holiday pressures and the drab cold dark gloomy cloudy wet weather are throwing wrinkles in, but the worst is getting the idea I can buy candy bars. Yesterday I finished off the Dove chocolate bar from the day before - 120 calories - but GOOD GOD that was some good chocolate. And in the evenings I find that there are times when I desire Sleepytime tea 0 calories - but there are times when I desire GF International Coffee - 50-70 calories - and lately I've bought Ovaltine, which when mixed with a cup of nonfat milk is 170 calories. I wish they made an artifically sweetened Ovaltine, because honestly it's not all the sugar I even want, it's just the hot chocolatey milky comfortey feeling, which is something different. Sugar, I've learned, tends to make me want more sugar.

Anyway - got to get off the blog so I can devote my energy to enacting my food plan. Just planning isn't good enough - gotta actually do it.


Georgia Mist said...

It's self-defeating to weigh every day. Weight fluctuates daily -- even hourly.
Pick one day a week to weigh-in nd stick to it for a more accurate picture of your true number.

Hallie said...

It's not remotely self-defeating for me to weigh every day, it's a major motivator for me. I know some people claim it's problematic for them and that's ok. I have a long history of weighing myself and understand how to read it. By the way, I have been weighing myself practically every day for the past 7 months and this is the most erratically my weight has fluctuated in just one week since I started thing, taking into account all periods and binges and everything.

Hallie said...

Just look at the graph below. There have been some jumps up, but they come back down. I've been bouncing around since Asheville. And I think I understand why. This is the kind of thing you learn to understand when you weigh yourself every day.