Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28, 219 - update on goals

Today was my first official weigh-in day at ediets after having achieved my goal. I was actually kind of excited about it, but it was QUITE the disappointment. Ediets acted like it didn't even realized I'd reached my goal. All they said was "You're getting closer to your goal" - the standard message every time you show a loss on weigh-in day. Pbbththtt is what I have to say to that.

This week I adhered to my eating and exercise plan:

My eating plan has been to stick to the meal plan from ediets, except on Thanksgiving to go batshit crazy. As of Thanksgiving I'm no longer restricted from sweets, however, last night when deciding whether or not to have a glass of Ovaltine before bed, I saw it would have been 170 calories, and opted for the sugar free caffiene free general foods international coffee as a bedtime toddy instead. I just couldn't afford to ruin my exciting weigh-in this morning. :-/

My exercise plan was to get in 2 yogas (building toward completion of the whole 50-minute set) and 2 sessions of 30 minutes on the elliptical (building toward 450 calories burned in 30 minutes) PLUS weight-lifting for arms. The first day I did yoga for 40-45 minutes but had to stop. Still, it was further than I'd ever been before. The second day I only had time for 30 minutes because I had to get ready for Thanksgiving. As for elliptical - the first day I burned 418 calories during the 1st 30 minutes. Yesterday I figured I'd do at least as well, but I only came in at 415 calories, and that was with me really pushing myself in the last 3 minutes. I must need to add in some intervals now. Upper body weights hasn't happened this week because the first day the gym was closing and I didn't have time, and yesterday I got off the elliptical trainer and went over to the weights area but felt too weak to work at it, had to lie down, and lie on the floor - a lot of energy-sucking pain-type-stuff from the ovarian area, like I've had after jogging before. After about 15 minutes of lying on the floor, the gym was about to close and I wouldn't have had time to lift weights anyway. I will lift weights today - I have some dumbbells at home - so that will be 1 weights workout anyway, out of the hoped-for 2.

As for my future - I have updated my weight-loss goal at ediets and other sites to 198 - but as I've said, I'm in no particular HURRY to get there. I'll start thinking more intently about that in the new year, but for right now I just sort of want to live at 220-ish and think about getting more active and eating on my own a little more.

In the next week I'm giving myself ONE meal - a lunch - to play it by ear. This is not a cheat meal. This is a meal which I have to come up with on my own that is well-behaved, whether I just copy a meal out of the ediets plan, or dine out, whatever. So we'll see what happens there.


Georgia Mist said...

Congratulations on reaching your mid-term goal! I'm very happy for you!

Christine said...

I looked at your ticker...great job on the progress. I love that you have things laid out and that you are trying to learn to play it by ear and experimenting...really good idea when it comes to the time you are going to have to maintain.

Tricia said...

Great job sticking to your plan!