Saturday, June 20, 2009

Everyday living on the diet.

Here's how my day will go.

Some of it has already happened, but not much.

Today is my weekly weigh-in with ediets. I've awakened naturally. I was up late last night reading a new blog (new to me, but two years long!!) So I'm waking up late - 12:15pm. I feel like I might weigh less. Yesterday was a big weight loss, and I'm excited to think that I might be able to see that number or even a smaller number on the scale today. I feel a little empty, a little thinner. I think this bodes well for my visit with the scale.

So I stood on the scale and it popped to 253. Oh, darn, that's annoying. Slightly annoying. I hate when you have a good weigh-in day during the week but then on weigh-in day you weigh more. Whatever, 253 is still a major loss from last week, I shouldn't be so whiny. All the same, 252.5 was a big deal for me to see because I realized that made 32.5 pounds lost, exactly HALF of my first long-term goal of losing 65 pounds. So now, again so soon after the same thing happened with 255, I reach my goal and then bounce above it by weigh-in day. How complicated.

Most mornings I wait an hour or two in bed on the computer doing whatever I can to weigh a little less on the scale weigh-in, before I start showering, dressing, eating, and drinking, and letting the day go by. All of those things will only make the scale number go up, and I'm all about the lowest number! :-D

So ok, I've waited and my weigh-in for the day is... 252.5! 3 pounds down from last week.

Time to check it into ediets.

I will input this number at ediets, tickerfactory, and fitday and ruminate on my weight loss so far. But not too long because I have achievable goals for the day. First, I need to pack up my food for the day because I'm not going to be home. Fortunately, most of it is already made, because I made two servings of yesterday's lunches and dinners to save one for today. Besides, I've been eating dinner pretty late, so maybe I don't need to pack dinner and I'll just come home to eat it.

Breakfast is oatbran cereal with apples and walnuts. I'm a bit surprised but I kind of like the oat bran cereal breakfasts and have decided to have at least one of them each week. I think the appeal is psychological, like with wheat germ. They just make me feel calm and satisfied in my brain. A vitamin B thing, probably. But I'm also thinking about what oat bran will do for my body. It's a wholesome feeling, the oat bran, and I enjoy the taste better than it really tastes, if that makes sense.

Snack 1 - a weird snack that involves wrapping two slices of tomato with a tablespoon of low-fat mayo inside 3 thin slices of roast beef. It is messy, but delicious. Add 3 or 5 whole wheat crackers. Today, however, I'm out of roast beef, so I guess I'll substitute ham. I like roast beef with tomatos better than ham, but I'm not gonna cry about it.

Lunch - Baked pork and apples flavored with Dijon mustard and wine. Also, quickly steam up some broccoli with olive oil in a skillet, and 3 tablespoons of couscous.

Snack 2 - Celery and apple salad, mixed with light mayo and low-fat cheddar cheese.

Dinner - taco salad.

It's been a while since I checked to see how many calories a day I was eating.

So I'll eat breakfast, pack up Snack 1, Lunch, and Snack 2, and go.


First stop today is the gym. I'm having some issues with my upper belly not going away, so I decided to start lifting weights twice a week because I read somewhere that'll help zap belly fat. Siiiiigh. Still, lifting weights is good, once I start to see and feel results. I like to be strong and muscular. My wieght-lifting will take about an hour.

Then over to my parents' house, where I intend to finish this door I've been working on for the past 3 days, sanding and applying primer, sanding and priming. Today I should finish that part and maybe it'll even get real colored paint on it and maybe it'll even go up in the archway!! It's solstice-time so I have a lot of daytime to get it done.

Tonight I think I will chill with folks, maybe watch some TCM. They will put their cookies away so as not to stir my tummy with cravings for them. Not very many people know I'm dieting, but they do and they are continually supportive, even understanding when I refuse to dine with them because I have my own food.

Some time today I need to plan my meal plan for next week, because today's my last day on this plan and I need a new grocery list and I need to go grocery shopping. I have to say that this can feel like the most burdensome part, because planning meals on ediets and printing up the meal plan are NOT easy. But it has to be done. Maybe one day I'll get smart enough to use the same meal plan and grocery list as last week. But then again, I must remember that as I lose weight, my calorie intake is bound to be reducing.


I also need to put something together today for Father's Day. Mom wants me to get him some clothes, but I'm feeling poor and haven't left myself much time. I may stop by the 24-hour Walmart, otherwise I may just make him a CD of Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks because I learned he's not familiar with that album or the songs on it. And he calls himself a hippie.

It's actually kind of a lot to do, and it's a lot for you to read. I just thought you might like to get a glimpse of how I actually incorporate this diet into my life. Advance planning. Always thinking about making sure I have the food with me that I need.

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