Friday, June 26, 2009

More good news

More good news. Today I am wearing a blouse which I bought, oh, a couple years ago and wore a few times before I got so big for it that my body pressed out into the fabric when I sat down. Today it fits! :-D Lavendar sateen - a little saucy in spirit! I'd been facing my wardrobe with desolation, no longer able to dress the slightest bit flirtily or sexily because it just looked gauche on me and emphasized my unattractiveness, so I was just giving up and covering up. I was just a step away from mumus. Anything to hide my body, to deny my sexuality and hide my shame. Just throw a blanket over it and grab my keys. That's gone now. I don't have to hide myself now, if I don't want to.

So far I had breakfast in the early afternoon, 2 whole grain frozen waffles, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, 2 oz ham, and lovely lovely blueberries.

For snack, another scoop of cottage cheese with 1/2 canteloupe. Was supposed to have sliced almonds, too, but forgot.

It's 7:30, I should have lunch, but I need to get my workout first, because I said I would and because I want a good weigh-in tomorrow and because I'm excited about getting into the 240s. Hm - I do feel hunger though, maybe I can eat some of lunch before the workout to fuel me.

I went out after breakfast to run some errands, and while I was out felt urges - urges for candy when I was in CVS, or to pop by a drivethru, like I usually might have if I were out running errands as a free woman on a sunny day and starting to get noshy. But I ignored the urges, pushed them away and remembered that I had a plan and that there was food waiting for me at home. I realized I was just having these urges because I was probably getting hungry and close to snack time, and so instead I got a diet coke and some gum (no, I haven't given up Diet Coke, and so far I don't feel the need since I am losing weight) to assuage my appetite and my oral fixation.

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