Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26, 250.5


Tomorrow's my weekly weigh-in day, and I need to weigh 250.5 to weigh in at the requisite 2-pounds-a-week loss. Today I had a brief adventure on the scale. I have a dial scale, not digital, so readings vary. It's the same scale I've always used and I have a personal system for reading it, which pretty well involves multiple weigh-ins and a gut feeling. :-D

So when I stood on the scale the first time it sort of stopped at 250.5 or 251 and gently slipped up to 252.5-ish. But the more I stood on the scale, making sure the neutral was set at zero, not too high and not too low, the more it came out slowing in the 249.5 and resting at 250 or 250.5!

Down at the bottom of the scale, I see 240 like a constellation ready to rise in th sky, in MY sky. 240, old pal, it's been a while since I've seen you, a long while. We had some good times, together, 240, good times. It's going to be great to spend some time with you again. I've been away too long!

The 240s! How did they sneak up on me like this. I'm so focused on getting below 255, 252, seeing the low 250s, that I wasn't prepared for the 240s! I mean, my scale stopped at 249.5 one of the times I stepped on the scale just now! Imagine! 249.5!

I will get into the 240s next week. 245 is my next short-term goal, scheduled to hit it in mid-July. Depending on tomorrow's weigh-in, I'm still on track to get to 220 in October!

Pre-weigh-in clues that I was going to weigh less:
1) The sight of my neck in the mirror from bed - my neck and shoulders struck me as having lost fat.
2) Walking to the scale, I gripped my belly fat and it seemed to use less of my hand to cup it.
3) Yesterday I wondered if my jeans (the size 22s I bought when the 24s wouldn't stay on me anymore) felt looser. I am wondering when I'm going to get to a size 20. I don't want to buy more size 22 jeans, I just want to wait until I'm a size 20.

Anyway, tomorrow's weigh-in. I'm so pleased with the hope of weighing in at 250.5, or maybe even less!

In fact, I'm so keen on it, I wonder about lifting weights tonight like I'd planned. What if I gain weight before tomorrow? No, I should do cardio tonight and then do weights tomorrow.

Oh, and another milestone I just realized - BMI is 36.99, below 37, and down from my original of 42.

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