Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day - junk food

I wasn't sure what I'd do today as I picked up a key lime pie for Dad (his favorite) and brownies (everyone's favorite.) I at breakfast very late, packed lunch, skipped both snacks, and had some brownies and key lime pie. Not a ton, but as much as I could force myself to. Haven't had dinner yet, and am thinking I won't, so as to save myself those calories, too. I'm still pretty well full from what I've eaten today. So if the brownies and key lime pie roughly are equivalent to the snacks and dinner (about 700 calories) I won't have hurt myself too much, calorie-wise.

Mom said she could see a little more chin, and that I had gotten just huge.

We are going camping this week, but after the camping trip, there will be no more "special circumstances" like holidays and travel, until my birthday in September, but if a girl can't live it up on her birthday, then just dang!!! haha

By the way, I should be about 230 pounds on my birthday. Good to know. :-)

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