Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25, 251.5

Back from camping, and back on the downswing! Wahoo.

Camping didn't involve as much activity as I'd sorta hoped for. I wanted to do some hiking, but when Wednesday rolled around, I didn't much feel like it. We did a little hike anyway which I enjoyed, but my body wasn't up for it really. So it doesn't speak well for "increased stength and energy," know'm say'n. Then we drove the rest of the day trying to get somewhere that turned into a big flop anyway, and then driving home.

I had packed 2 days worth of food from the meal plan, and Dad (my camping partner) decided he had to be back this morning for a class this morning, so I was able to stay "on plan" the entire time. So I'm glad I'm back down! I'm really ready to start on the NEXT thirty pounds!

While there, we realized we'd both forgot our bathing suits, so we had a brief shopping trip to think of getting a new one. Super K-Mart didn't have any swimsuits in the plus-size section, but there were some size 18s in the regular, and I was able to fit into some of those (I'm about a 22 in jeans.) I was able to see that I am still not getting "shapely" as far as my giant waist goes and I'm still fat and have no reason to be rejoicing too much or feeling too beautiful or anything. I just keep going hoping in faith that if I do, eventually it'll have to go away.

Oh, here are some pictures. Me at 252-ish...

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